“Is she smart? Is she loyal? Does she have the key to your heart?”

Yo Gotti’s “Down in the DM” has been making its rounds on radio throughout the country, and stands to be easily the Memphis rapper’s biggest hit to date. So it’s only fitting that Yo Gotti would opt to give his smash single a music video to match.

Director Gil Green is behind the lens for “Down in the DM’s” star-studded visuals, which feature comedian Billy Sorrells as a groom at his big day. Yo Gotti is his best man, reminding Billy to keep his bride first. Cee-Lo Green presides over the nuptials; YG cameos at the bachelor party; and the major key bearer DJ Khaled intervenes with wisdom when Sorrells gets a case of cold feet. It might be the most sophistiratchet wedding you’ll ever witness, with dabs aplenty, the bridal party hitting the lean back, and yes, the Kappa shimmy, all making appearances. But you’ll chuckle aloud AT LEAST once during the “Down in the DM” music video.

As a bonus, you can also peep Yo Gotti’s official “Down in the DM (Remix),” featuring none other than Nicki “Miley, what’s good?” Minaj, down below.