LOE x NEDARB NAGROM - Blue Moon-cover

For the past several weeks – but really, since last year – LOE has existed as a well-known secret in the city of Houston. As oxymoronic as that may read, it’s fairly accurate: local music heads either know of or have heard the Mo. City singer in one form or another. Her sound is infectious and hypnotic, in large part because whenever she links up with producer NEDARB NAGROM, the two work in sync like Timbaland and Aaliyah.

Blue Moon, LOE’s debut album out today that’s distributed by Good Beach, might serve as a “coming out party” for both artist and producer, especially given that NAGROM entirely produced the sixteen-track affair.

Bearing features from the likes of Fat Tony, Yung Bruh, Lil’ Pain, J. Trauma, Tama Gucci, and P2THEGOLDMA$K, Blue Moon has LOE sticking to what she knows – slow grooves over murky instrumentation that listeners will either pine over (the flute-driven “Last Love”), mourn with, or smoke through (word to “Overcast”). She even flirts with the possibility of crafting a turn up track on “Gun Me Down.” And it’s fitting that single “How Long Has It Been” serves as the album closer.

Stream LOE & NEDARB NAGROM’s Blue Moon LP down below. The album is available for purchase on iTunes now.