Maybe the 950 mile distance between his native Austin and Atlanta has done Kydd Jones some good. The man who was arguably the most visible solo rapper in Austin not only waved goodbye to his stomping grounds in the name of GR33D, he slowly began peeling away all of his old layers to get there. The movement began earlier in the road to GR33D where Kydd ducked away from the straight head-on rapping that ran certain tracks like 2013’s “The Masons” with A.Dd+. Now he’s dealing with melody, languid stretches where he’s far more interested in how far he can stretch his croaky singing voice.

It’s evident on the first two loosies from his GR33D 2016 Countdown pack, “Dancin In The Rain” with Jonathas and “Get In My Way”. The former affirms that the Austin rapper isn’t selling his soul but also doesn’t want to be lonely behind moody drums and snares from himself and Keef. The production duo holds firm for the dreamscape that plays in the background of “Get In My Way” where Kydd’s croak is harsher, more engaged. Stream them both below. Kydd’s GR33D project is set to drop later this year. As far as Austin? It’s not in his rearview. He’s heading back for SXSW because when the world’s biggest music festival is on your old front porch, you don’t ignore it.