Well, depending on who you ask – Bull Dempsey has left NXT.

The 11-year veteran (real name James Smith) first debuted in NXT in September 2013 where he squashed plenty of enhancement talent along the way, from Mojo Rawley on down. Eventually his path crossed with Baron Corbin, who before being supremely pissed off at indie guys trying to take his shine, was an unstoppable force who was fed jobbers left and right. The two eventually settled into a feud which Corbin won, handedly. What that did was stunt Dempsey’s momentum and his gimmick was changed from that of unstoppable 300 pound monster to that of an overweight, always eating, out of shape wrestler.

NXT General Manager William Regal attempted to whip Dempsey into shape which cause Dempsey to create the “Bull-Fit” gimmick, a comedic fitness guru. That’s pretty much where we left Bull Dempsey in 2015 until today, when he revealed in a couple of tweets that he was leaving NXT. Also rumored to be joining him are Sylvester Lefort & Marcus Louis, The Legionnaires who’s NXT highlight was a Hair vs. Hair match against Colin Cassidy & Enzo Amore at NXT Takeover Fatal 4-Way in 2014. Dempsey’s obviously the bigger name of course and we definitely wish him the best in his future endeavors but Louis and Lefort were a pretty good character tag team that kind of got lost in the shuffle when Lefort tore his ACL in October 2014.