There’s an official name for The Suffers’ brand of big brass and big voice soul that is never evanescent. “Gulf Coast Soul” is what they’ve tagged it with and the world is catching wind of it. Next Friday, The Suffers will take “Gulf Coast Soul” to a national level with the release of their debut album and via NPR First Listen, you can hear The Suffers for yourself a week early.

Every blot of ink given towards Kam Franklin and her nine merry bandmates has been glowing, for good reason. When their on stage, its kinetic energy that rides down the back of your spine and nests within the soles of your feet. From Tiny Desks to festivals and New Years Eve parties, The Suffers have brought their own gumbo, an eclectic mix of ska, Southern hip-hop, classic rock, soul, a little jazz and even reggae and have allowed fans to indulge. Franklin’s voice can roar and rumble with the best of them but on the group’s debut, she goes through all of the emotions. For “Make Some Room,” she teases good loving like it’s a secondary recourse to kill an argument or an endpoint of a her man’s long day. On rousing cuts like the showstopping “Gwan”, she’s growling and standing from the rooftops to match the intense horn section. When it comes to “Peanuts”, she’s back soothing her lover and mate like a wash cloth along your back. The Suffers are your support system for any day, any mood.

Stream The Suffers from the 10-piece Houston band below.