Morrow Potts was a man with a large heart. As one of the key figures at Houston’s Warehouse Live, Potts, known as “LA” to many was a key figure in allowing some of the city’s hungry artists, promoters, philanthropists and partiers gain access to the venue and beyond. Potts was integral in helping launch the careers of many Houston musicians, giving them the go-ahead or idea to take the Warehouse Live stage for their first big venue.

Potts died yesterday of a heart attack in a Houston area hospital, a close friend confirmed. He was 38 and had complications from diabetes. The news sent shockwaves through the Houston music community and more. Others were in stunned disbelief that a man who had opened his heart to so many and had given his time to hear out some of those dreamers with a passion had fallen so suddenly.


“He was so selfless. He never wanted anything,” Bun B wrote in a tribute on Instagram. “He just wanted to give people a chance. He helped change the performance venue game in Houston forever and put Warehouse Live on the musical map.”

Potts recently helped Warehouse Live, the east downtown performance venue celebrate its tenth year in Houston. The venue, which has become one of the city’s mainstays in terms of live entertainment. Doughbeezy credited Potts as one of the first men who helped him in Houston.

“I would ALWAYS tell you that I owe my career to you for opening your doors to me and treating me like ya lil bro,” he wrote. “So much would not have been possible without YOU!!”

Our thoughts and prayers to Potts’ family, the Warehouse Live family and the city of Houston. To donate to Potts’ memorial fund, click here.