LionBabe - Begin_cover

LION BABE has had my attention since 2014, when their self-titled EP caught the eye of EIC Brandon Caldwell enough for him to do a track-by-track review of it. In the months since then, the talented duo of vocalist Jillian Hervey – who has grown into her own so much it’s no longer fair to refer to her as just Vanessa Williams’ daughter – and musician Lucas Goodman have commanded quite the following. So much so, that when it was announced LION BABE would finally be releasing a debut album, the days couldn’t have gone by any slower.

LION BABE’s first LP, Begin, lands on digital stores and in retail outlets today; but thanks to Spotify, you can preview the full album and try it before you buy it.

Fourteen tracks deep, Begin is propelled forward by its singles “Wonder Woman,” “Impossible,” and “Where Do We Go,.” LionBabe smartly incorporates the four tracks from their EP into Begin, so that new listeners can familiarize themselves with their old work.

Childish Gambino (on “Jump Hi”) is the sole feature, but it’s not like Hervey and Goodman are in need of any help. Indeed, Begin works just fine with just the two of them. “Stressed OUT!” is dance-club fare that enables Hervey to flirt with EDM and disco, over Goodman’s tribal instrumentation. Outro track “Little Dreamer” lets Hervey’s vocals ride along a strumming guitar. “Satisfy My Love” is seductive yet scaled-back. And “Everyday Life” will stick in listeners’ head almost solely off its funky-waltz of a beat alone.

Stream LION BABE’s Begin LP for yourself down below. Begin is available on iTunes now.