With two days until her Blue Moon album’s release, LOE is in full promo mode. Earlier today on Twitter, the Houston singer not only unveiled Blue Moon‘s official tracklisting (with the features kept a secret, for now); but she also premiered a new music video for one of the cuts off the album, “Devotion.”

Hype Lee (aka Ozieren) is behind the lens for “Devotion,” depicting LOE and her trusty producer/collaborator NEDARB NAGROM posted up in the woods of a park. Director Lee’s eye for color and aesthetics is apparent, using shots that allow Loe’s golden-brown hair to match the green leaves and bright blue sky. The singer herself, however, is on the move as her voice ebbs and echoes in the background. LOE’s pledging her “devotion” on the actual track but she seems to be on the run – whether she’s trying to track someone down or get away from someone else, is left up to the viewer to decide as LOE looks out over a pier in the video’s final shots.

Watch the Hype Lee-directed visuals for LOE’s “Devotion” single up top. LOE’s Blue Moon LP, produced entirely by NEDARB NAGROM, lands February 5th.

Blue Moon Tracklist
1. Call
2. PickMeUp (f. ???)
3. I Wish You Were Here (f. ???)
4. Devotion
5. Time With You
6. Overcast (f. ???)
7. YouNotReal
8. Fria (f. ???)
9. Gun Me Down
10. Break Ice (Interlude)
11. The Sign
12. About You Always
13. Last Love
14. Funeral
15. How Long Has It Been?
16. Life of Sin