DJ AudiTory - ANTI_CS

Don’t let the adjusted Billboard calculations fool you: though Rihanna’s ANTI album may have done “poorly” in terms of pure album sales over the weekend, the eighth studio LP from the woman born Robyn Fenty is no pushover. It’s the most emotionally raw release from Rihanna since Rated R, if not THE most emotionally driven project in her catalog period. Not to mention, women seem to have unofficially officially adopted “Needed Me” and “Yea, I Said It” (depending on a given mood) as their Spring anthems.

Leave it to DJ AudiTory, then, to get right to work on making ANTI even better by selecting it as the latest addition to his “Chop Theory” series. The Houston DJ and sound curator is even kind enough to include ANTI’s three Deluxe Edition bonus cuts as part of his playlist. But where DJ AudiTory has always succeeded, is by transforming songs into something entirely new and fresh by way of his chopped and screwed formula. So the “C&S” version of the Drake-assisted lead single “Work” echoes and tiptoes along at a slower groove. Rihanna’s remake of Tame Impala on “Same Ol’ Mistakes” all but becomes a slow burn that drips purple. And DJ AudiTory’s take on the bonus cut “Pose” turns the island-groove cut into a hypnotizing funhouse theme.

Stream and download DJ Auditory x Rihanna’s ANTI: Chopped & Screwed for yourself here.