A man’s first trip to the strip club is a memorable experience, good or bad. In Ye Ali’s case, it turned into a song. “Cashin’ Out” decided from the onset that it was going to go there in terms of a strip club anthem. How did Ye Ali want his “Cashin’ Out” video to turn out? Exactly as you would expect it to with a visual representation of a song so on the nose that there’s women in bathtubs sipping champagne and Ye Ali not only engaged but also doing his best to feel completely at home during all of this.

It’s the cool aspect of being a singer, when things around you may seem so oblong, so weird and out of the norm to a normal person that those same things are quite normal. Ye Ali can’t do any wrong with “Cashin’ Out” or his latest single with Chicago’s Jay Dot Rain in “Ridin’ Round”. He may be a southern boy who went to Indiana before hitting Los Angeles but Ye Ali does have one thing working right: he knows how to act in a land of perceived madness.