Almost a decade in the making, Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis biopic just got an official trailer. Miles Ahead decides to obscure the typical route of a biopic as it decides not to highlight Davis’ early life, his tumultuous marriage to Cecily Tyson and more. To say the trailer is theatrical is selling it short as there’s gun fights, crooked record producers, infidelity, betrayal, a gunfight in the street and a ton of great music, all centered around Davis’ 1979 comeback and a reporter who’s tasked to document the entire thing. It’s a literal wild ride of a man who’s personal life was as chaotic and loose as the music that was made from it. A man who may appear on the Mount Rushmore of jazz musicians who utterly hated the word. “Don’t call it jazz man, jazz is a made up word,” Davis says in the trailer. “It’s social music.”

Miles Ahead stars Cheadle as the titular trumpet player who rose to international heights, Ewan McGregor as journalist Dave Brill, Middle of Nowhere‘s Emayatzy Corinealdi as Davis’ first wife, Frances Taylor and more. Miles Ahead opens in theaters on April 1st.