It takes all of 19 seconds before Funk In The Trunk’s debut single “Tomorrow Never Comes” turns into an absolute ’70s jam record. Because at the 19th second, Kam Franklin shows up in subdued Tina Turner fashion and adds a chorus to “Tomorrow Never Comes”. Seven months ago, while already working like a producer with nothing to lose, TrakkSounds formed Funk In The Trunk with Heartbeatz. Yes, Houston’s piano boy and the man responsible for at least 30% of the Houston rap filtering through mixtape servers across the globe decided to form a duo with a producer he felt in tune with. “Tomorrow Never Comes” features a simple hand clap rhythm while Trakksounds & Heartbeatz toss together a little fusion of horns, guitars and synths. Neko also steps in to help continue the jam band vibe of it with his simple guest verse.

Stream Funk In The Trunk’s “Tomorrow Never Comes” up top. The duo’s self-titled debut effort lands in two weeks on February 18th.