Right after Stereotypes was done, Doeman went into his own version of hiding. He pretty much erased his Twitter account, locked away all of the outside noise and distractions and proceeded to begin recording what would be known as OBE. Even when there were outside voices within his camp, he furiously scrubbed away two verses and wrote two new ones. Doeman was understandably pissed off. When the world is doubting you, even those who would bleed, and work themselves to no end to make sure you succeed, where else are you to turn but inward?

That’s the gist of OBE, Doeman’s personal out of body rap experience. It’s a first listen for the world as nobody, not even the DYNA crew has heard the finished product. The 12-track album which includes two bonus cuts is as true a Doeman solo album as there can be. No major features, varying production from the likes of Daud Leon, Yung Knight, Grime Knocks & more. It follows in small themes how Gold Blooded played out, with minor interludes circling around a block of tracks. You can stream OBE in its entirety below. Doeman will be swinging through multiple Texas stops on a mini-OBE tour. Tickets are on sale here.

01. O | Produced by Daud Leon.
02. UFW | Produced by Yung Knight.
03. No Limit ’91 | Produced by Fanobee.
04. Waddup Love | Produced by Grime Knocks.
05. Illusions (interlude) | Produced by I.V. (Ichikara Valdez).
06. American Me | Produced by Grime Knocks.
07. B | Produced by Daud Leon.
08. FWMN | Produced by Grime Knocks.
09. The Genocide | Produced I.V. (Ichikara Valdez).
10. Hip Hop | Produced by Grime Knocks.
11. Soul of Mind featuring Soul of Sherif | Produced by Grime Knocks.
12. E | Produced by Daud Leon.

*Tha Man | Produced by Nate Coop.
*Son of Jesus | Produced by Ace One.