Back in November, Le$ released a full-length project in Steak X Shrimp Vol. 2. Groovy, laid back and a comfortable mix of hard boiled Texas G-Funk, Steak X Shrimp Vol. 2 currently ranks as the best Le$ tape around. Considering that his fanbase acts as starved as zombie hordes from The Walking Dead, Le$ and DJ Mr. Rogers decided to up the jazz for a one night session. The result? Dreamcast, an ode to the 1999 Sega system that was ahead of its time and sort of set the tone for what’s out now on current generations. No, there’s no cut on the tape named after NFL 2K or Power Stone but certain games such Jet Set Radio, Soul Caliber, Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi & Shemmue all get their select titles. Dreamcast feels at times like Le$ and DJ Mr. Rogers decided to smoke out while playing the Samurai Champloo soundtrack in the background while somebody took an L in Ready To Rumble. He calls himself the “light-skinned Wesley Snipes / the dark-skinned Ice-T” on “Space Channel 5”, alluding to how loose the tape is and how it’s just out for shits and giggles and a salute to the fans who’ve been there before. Le$ uses Dreamcast the same way he used E36 – a sleepy piece of Sunday afternoon cruise music.

You can download Dreamcast from Le$ below. His Steak X Shrimp Vol. 2 tour hits Houston’s Warehouse Live tonight for a bit of a homecoming show. Tickets at $15 at the door or you can purchase them here.