If you had a betting pool as to when AJ Styles would debut the Styles Clash, you probably should have cashed all your chips in on Tuesday night. During a Smackdown taping in Tampa that aired tonight on USA, Styles not only continued a brief storyline he created with his entrance in the Royal Rumble, he broke out the Styles Clash for good measure. After Curtis Axel made it known that he had beef with Styles over being eliminated in the Royal Rumble on Sunday, Styles obliged with a match.

Yes, it was a glorified squash that saw Styles breakout a moonsault pele kick from the second rope and a traditional pele kick out of a Perfect-Plex reversal but that’s not important. The important thing is, Styles broke out the Styles Clash that he teased twice during the Rumble and once during his match with Chris Jericho on RAW, Monday. Just be happy that WWE hasn’t completely neutered Styles’ offense as the springboard forearm smash is still in. But yes, in all of its .GIF glory, here’s your Styles Clash debut.