Matt Mason - Melons

Matt Mason’s been in my head for a week now.

Mason hails from Norfolk, Virginia, and is a singer who, in his own words, “operates as part of a collective with [his] friends West Banks and Rozwell.” Mason, up until recently, had dabbled and toyed with the music but never dropped an official single.

That changed last week, when Mason debuted “Melons”; and when “Melons” was in turn handpicked by Miami DJ and “director of vibes” YesJulz’s for her weekly “New Music Mondays” Soundcloud series. It’s precisely because of the latter, that “Melons” found its way to my ears at all.

Produced by Masego, “Melons” floats along with an acoustic guitar and bluesy flutes and whistles. But Matt Mason’s vocals infuse “Melons” with soul even more than its finger-snapping instrumentation. Mason sounds like a mix of Sam Smith and Chris Martin of Coldplay; but Matt stands apart as well, his runs and buttery smooth vocals riding for just under three minutes’ time. The end result, is some damn sweet audio fruit.

#ThePulse is with Matt Mason right now, and hopefully the Virginia crooner has much more to come.