Miguel - Waves (Remix) f. Travis Scott

“Waves” was an obvious standout cut off of Miguel’s recent  album. An upbeat number and certified party track, “Waves” was smooth in some places and loud in others, but overall came together quite nicely. So it makes perfect sense that Miguel would give “Waves” a proper remix (and we’ll consider it a complete coincidence that the “Waves (Remix)” is dropping a day after Kanye West changed the name of his upcoming album from SWISH to WAVES).

Except the “Waves (Remix)” is an entirely different animal than its predecessor. Producer Cash Dillon casts aside the pop-rock instrumentation for something darker, ramping up the snare and synths and taking “Waves” to the trap. Houston’s own Travis $cott appears as a feature, rapping in just above a whisper over the beat as a contrast to Miguel’s echoing vocals. The original “Waves” may have been for rocking out, but the “Waves (Remix)” is more suited for turning up.

Stream Miguel’s “Waves (Remix),” featuring Travis $cott, down below. Miguel’s Wildheart LP, in case you missed it, is out now on iTunes.