Stop if you heard this before but Flo Rida can’t actually rap. Well, he can make songs but in terms of rapping — it’s something he can’t do. As the WWE’s unofficial Miami ambassador, Flo Rida was at RAW because of course. He was involved in a segment with the Social Outcasts because he and Heath Slater have eternal beef the same way Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn do.

Like a good group of friends, the Social Outcasts (Slater, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel & Adam Rose) aren’t about to let their friend get pushed around. So they decide to get on Flo Rida’s level and have a rap battle. Only thing is, it’s not Slater vs. Flo Rida. Nope, it’s Irwin R. Schyster’s dorkiest, self-help guru son Bo Dallas in a gold chain and a kangol who eviscerates Flo Rida in a rap battle.

3-0. Complete embarrassment. Doesn’t matter if the Dudley Boyz came to Flo Rida’s honor and beat the Social Outcasts in a match. Just know, Flo Rida can’t rap. Bo “Bo Rida” Dalas can.