Kanye West studio

We’re accepting at this point that Kim Kardashian can no longer be trusted to relay the news of SWISH/”G.O.O.D. Fridays” related things. The source from here until February – when Kanye said the album would be released – is Kanye Omari West, and Kanye Omari West only.

It was Kanye who tweeted, not so cryptically, earlier tonight that he was “so glad to be done with the greatest album of all time,” attaching the below image to his tweet –

Kanye West - SWISH-tracklist

This may be the tracklisting for West’s SWISH LP in its final form, and the appearance of previous releases “Wolves,” “Real Friends,” and “No More Parties in LA” amongst the ten track names looks to confirm that. Kanye doesn’t list any features (unless you count Kylie Kardashian’s “appearance” at the bottom of the page), but those will likely come later. For now, speculate in the comments as to which of Kanye’s ten tracks might be the one to anticipate most – and also, help us figure out whether Kanye was trying to spell “faith” or “father” on track two.

Kanye West’s SWISH album touches down February 11, 2016.