Name any story of a kid leaving home and heading for media capitals in search of the dream. Name any story that ends in happiness, riches and acclaim. You can do that plenty of times, no? Do you get a story normally about what’s going on during that? No, because plenty of people dig into the end or the beginning of a story, not the middle that makes the story any good. De’Wayne Jackson left Houston not too long ago in search of rap dreams. The moment he turned 18, fresh off recording Halftime with Donnie Houston and building a rather credible buzz in Houston, he jetted off and made the rounds in Los Angeles.

So far, De’Wayne Jackson has kept his story in Los Angeles and California rather quiet. Til now. “OK Not To Be OK” is self-described by Jackson as a track detailing his “experiences and struggles since arriving in Hollywood.” There’s ups and downs, Jackson’s voice picking up steam as the song progresses before there’s a bit of reprieve and relief. He recently starred as the lead in Dizzy Wright’s “Plotting” video but De’Wayne Jackson isn’t trying to just get acting checks in Hollywood. He’s still a rapper at heart. Stream “OK Not To Be OK” below and watch Dizzy Wright’s “Plotting” video now as well.