C.I.T.Y. has absconded us. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch actually. The New Orleans rapper first made his bones in his hometown before heading to Houston for college. Then he became more of an adult and eventually left to head up to Dallas. So he’s there now, raising a family and continually trying to be one of the few rappers whose New Orleans drawl snakes around a track like smoke from an ember. “MonvLisv (Mona Lisa)” is the first C.I.T.Y. track that isn’t a freestyle in a while, a strung together connection of New Orleans meets New York thanks to Houston. Harlem’s Dave East would be the New York contingent of “MonvLisv” while Nate Coop & Tony Dark’s rather demure piano and drum kick let both rappers paint a picture of beauty. Stream C.I.T.Y.’s “MonvLisv” below. Seventh Day (stylized VIIth Day) is coming soon.