Funky Town, Texas will always have a heart for Nick Pratt. It may not be inked in his skin but the Ft. Worth rapper has made his bones not just in Texas but in California where he resides now and the influences are abundant. The synths and knock from Pratt’s latest single “2DamnHard” feel like a West Coast summer. The concept for the “2DamnHard” video? Something straight out of a Will Ferell comedy.

If you follow Pratt on any of his social networks, you know he likes a party or two. But Nick Pratt is about as old school as they come with party preparations. He and his crew gameplan before an event, bringing bottles and making sure there’s food. Then when the plot twist happens, of Pratt and company crashing a kid’s birthday party before venturing off to a vices anonymous meeting, it just adds to the natural fun vibe of “2DamnHard” as a track. Plus, anytime you see a throwback Michael Finley jersey in California, you smile at the hometown representation.

Watch Nick Pratt decide to crash every party his mind can conjure up in his brand new video. Support “2DamnHard” by purchasing the track on iTunes.