The multitude of shows on Beats 1 has given way to some pretty great exclusives. Soulection’s weekend show, the same one that gave us a Ghostface & Omarion collaboration produced by Knxlwedge gave us another gem in a brand new cut from Jhené Aiko.

Joe Kay & Sango premiered “B’s & H’s” from Jhené, a cut she’s been performing at recent live shows. Now the Fisticuffs produced cut for “B’s & H’s” is here in all of its CDQ glory. Backed by some swaying guitars and Jhené’s vocals as feathery as ever, the Los Angeles based singer switches “B’s & H’s” into a record about, you guessed it – b*tches & h*es and Jhené asserting her position rather plainly with her mate. It’s a sharper take on “Tyrone”, Erykah Badu’s man chomping record that became not only a signature tune of hers but an anthem in regards to low down men who couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

“You gon’ fuck around and find out / It does not get better and you will regret it / You gon’ fuck around and find yourself by yourself, find yourself, that might help / Traded it all for / Messing with your bitches and hoes,” Aiko sings on the chorus. Stream “B’s & H’s” from Jhené Aiko down below.