So, here’s a little backstory on how I ended up on The Drank Sinatraa Podcast with Sly Drexler talking about this very site, my personal history and more.

Originally, I was supposed to sit in with Beanz N Kornbread last week but due to a lot of technical difficulties and a few missed email responses, I missed out. I had heard of Drank Sinatraa before so it wasn’t a fearful experience. It was back at SugarHill Studios, the same arena that I caught Le$ play what is his magnum opus of the moment in Steak X Shrimp Vol. 2. For an hour, I sat with Drank Sinatraa and Sly Drexler and we interacted on a number of different topics. We talked about the inception of the site, what’s it like being a journalist, whether or not hip-hop journalists write for other journalists or for their audiences, what may possibly be missing from the city, how much of a legend Gucci Mane is, who had the worst week: Russell Wilson or Meek Mill, the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan and more.

Also, I say “um” a lot. Definitely have to work on that. Subscribe to The Drank Sinatraa Podcast on iTunes and enjoy my episode down below.