Punch isn’t like most chief executive officers. He tends to get his hands a bit dirty on the microphone. With the access he has to a lot of different producers, TDE Punch could release an album on a whim and TDE diehards would cop it. However, he lives between the bandwidth of Soundcloud and drops nuggets and crumbs from his large cake of thought when he feels like it. “Gone”, the Erykah Badu sampling loosie that dropped with Cardo Got Wings on the boards plays to Punch’s normal script. It’s not as autobiographical as previous leaks but the smooth glide added by cuts from Badu’s “On & On” lets him play current day moods to a tee.

“I’m from the projects just like y’all,” Punch admits on the third verse of “Gone” as Cardo’s guitar strings being whining just at the right pitch. He’s reflective, at times solemn but doesn’t immediately throw all of his success in your face. It’s partially relatable because Punch is just like you. The only difference is he may be head of the most consistent collective of talent in music. Stream “Gone” from TDE Punch below.