Tinashe is growing before us every single day. It’s one thing to see the Los Angeles based singer’s Instagram page and become transfixed by her beauty. It’s another to realize the musical risks she’s taken since her debut album Aquarius and the steady, gradual improvement she’s made since then. Tinashe’s Amethyst mixtape, released last March, dared her to avoid pop trappings and all of the things that a lot of young, rising R&B talents often fall into. Tinashe’s been busy piecing together her sexuality and her talent, and she pairs those ideals up with Mike WiLL Made-It and Juicy J on her steamy new single, “Energy”.

When you hear Tinashe, you immediately recall the smash that was “2 On” and how she used DJ Mustard’s rather rubbery drums and synths to create a carefree discussion of a night of fun for her. When you hear Tinashe now, especially on “Energy,” she’s more focused. Her pellucid voice spins out all of these varying thoughts of what happens when two people stop messing with modern dating rules and become one.

Juicy J proves his eternal merit by dropping a playful, goofy verse about a woman he’s digging. “We doing jumping jacks, we doing yoga / She exercise, she eat yogurt,” he spits. “She read books and watch Oprah / I let her ride me, I’m her chauffeur,” he raps in his now all too familiar straight up, punchy voice. All of this is surrounded by Mike WiLL Made-It’s trap drums, mesmerizing synth lines and a constantly reverberating vocal loop.

It’s unclear if “Energy” from Tinashe & Juicy J will appear on Joyride, but Tinashe’s already excited about what does reside on the finished product, especially with producers Max Martin, Boi-1da and Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes on deck.

“I have so many sides to me and things that I want to represent,” she told Rolling Stone in a recent interview. “Working with all of those producers is a search to be versatile and being versatile. It’s always interesting navigating working with all these very different producers — you have to learn how to work with each of them individually, but that’s part of the fun and the process of recording.”

Stream “Energy” from Tinashe & Juicy J up top.