Since it’s still Capricorn season, today another famous Capricorn is celebrating a birthday. That Capricorn? Questlove, world traveler, renaissance man and drummer for The Legendary Roots Crew. If you’ve seen Storytellers on VH1 or even read his autobiography, you knew Questlove has a relatively insane amount of stories to share. However, there may be no Questlove story greater than the time he alleges he got fired by Prince … for a DVD of Finding Nemo.

Well, Okayplayer got the go ahead to get Questlove to retell the story and in animated fashion from legendary cartoonish Hectah at that. There’s blind dates, Quest trying to pull favors, Fela Kuti and more. Here’s what OkayPlayer wrote about Quest receiving his walking papers from The Purple One.

This story has everything you could want in a Hollywood script, really. The Dilemma: 11 people, 10 Prince tickets. The Dramatic Entrance: Prince on a runaway golf cart! The mystic quest: get Prince a pool table–on the top floor of a VIP club! The Random-ass Detail: Prince is a pool shark! The Blessing: Faced with setbacks, our hero summons the spirit of his funk ancestors! (Fela, of course). The Other Random-ass Detail: Finding Nemo! The Call-Back: Well, you have to watch ’til the end for that one.

I’m sure everyone has a funny Prince story or two. Now, how long before Jimmy Fallon twists this into a recurring segment on The Tonight Show?