“Press play and make sure you hear loud and clear.”

Protest songs are nothing new to Eryn Allen Kane. Indeed, the emerging singer’s breakthrough, the song that put her on the map with many listeners was her collaboration with Prince, “Baltimore,” which rose amidst civil unrest in Maryland following the death of Freddie Gray.

But “How Many Times” isn’t just an ordinary protest song. The lead single from Kane’s upcoming Aviary: Act II project, “How Many Times” was premiered by i-D, fittingly enough, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

“Time and time again, we’re forced to witness the senseless murder, crime, and horrific nature of mankind,” Kane told i-D. “Who you are in this world can dictate whether or not the world even cares about you and your plight. Many fight and lose every day for a cause. A lot of these victims are forgotten. This is for the unheard.”

Though “How Many Times” showcases Eryn Allen Kane’s powerful voice, its message is clear resignation. Over a thudding piano that soon gives way to tribal-esque drums, Kane’s vocals soar. Like so many of us, Kane is tired of the growing body count and questions that go unanswered. It’s not that she’s tired of fighting – she just wishes she didn’t have to fight all the time.

Stream Eryn Allen Kane’s “How Many Times” down below. Aviary: Act II arrives next month, though the songbird’s “Act I” can be heard here.