Chris Rockaway - Eat Sht_cover

If you follow the Houston music scene, the name Chris Rockaway should sound familiar. The producer’s magical touch has landed on a number of local releases, including recent projects from OneHunnidt, Jack Freeman, and even on LeeLonn’s latest single, “WildFire.” But Rockaway is his own musician, as well.

In addition to providing board work for others, Chris Rockaway drops the occasional instrumental tape. One of which, Eat Sht, was released last Friday; and for those still unfamiliar with the producer’s work, Rockaway is allowing listeners old and new to stream the project absolutely free.

Eat Sht, according to Rockaway, “was made in the apartment building on the album cover by me, 30 years ago, while I was watching a small television. But it’s also from the future.” There’s no way to know if Chris Rockaway is the producer version of Marty McFly, but Eat Sht does a damn good job showing off Chris Rockaway’s versatility when it comes to stringing sounds together. Look no further than album opener “Fresh Paint, A New Start,” which starts out soft piano keys and eventually adds island rhythms and a reverb. Or the tribal-sounding “You Can’t Spell Appliance Without Alliance,” a smooth cut that Rockaway speeds up at the very last minute.

Stream Chris Rockaway’s short-but-sweet Eat Sht instrumental LP down below. Eat Sht is available for purchase now by way of the artist’s Bandcamp page.