Adam Driver was the guest host this week on Saturday Night Live and in true SNL fashion, there had to be one obligatory Star Wars: The Force Awakens sketch. What did the SNL writers imagine? Oh, Kylo Ren turning into Undercover Boss. That’s right, a guy who really isn’t the boss (but don’t tell him that) and works on an ice planet sometimes and manages to attempt to finish his grandfather’s mission and may be a wee bit psychotic dons a disguise to help try and understand his subordinates.

Actually, the latter part of that description sounds like every Undercover Boss but with Kylo Ren, things get kicked up a notch in hilarious fashion. While donning blonde hair and becoming a radar technician named Matt on Starkiller Base, Kylo not only accidentally signed a sympathy card Kylo, his anger of course causes him to be the worst possible disguised boss ever. Watch the Kylo Ren / Star Wars spoof below. Somehow, I hope none of this ties into Episode VIII cause then it would be hilarious canon.