The tea leaves of social media are talking and most of them, thanks to body language and multiple public statements are pointing Rick Ross back into the world of L.A. Reid and others. Ross has indicted that Black Market was the final album owed on his Def Jam deal and thanks to his ever-incessant need to document everything, Ross shared a few photos with L.A. Reid, Sylvia Rhone and other Epic execs on Instagram today.

When Ross first escaped the shadow of being a goofy, Miami rapper with a far more noted ghostwriting hand than solo hits, he landed at Def Jam in 2006. His “Hustlin” single broke nationwide, he dropped Port of Miami and over the next 10 years evolved into a constant of not only grandiose bluster but also a survivor of what some would have considered credibility suicide.

In a late 2015 interview with The Breakfast Club, Ross spoke on his potential label situation, mixing in his usual flare for the hyperbole but also referring to it as another move in the right direction for his career.

“I’ma be honest, right now we are in the middle of re-negotiations,” Ross said. “It’s a lot of people coming to the table. It’s a lot of people bringing a lot of new excitement to the table,”

He continued, “It is my last album [with] Def Jam Records. I’ve been nothing but successful, they been a part of everything that I’ve created. They helped built this empire that I am a part of, and I respect and love them for that. Right now, you know where we at, ya dig? Most definitely, shout out to L.A. Reid, ya dig?”

Ross’ DJ Sam Sneek all but confirmed the news on Twitter. Early reports indicate that Ross is signing a solo deal, though its unclear for what that currently means for Maybach Music Group as they’re on Warner Bros. Records.

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