In a world where WWE faces and heels are a little too close to gray, thank God for two people who are so stuck to their roles that they’re destined to be linked together forever. Those two people? Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens.

If you don’t know the history of Zayn & Owens in NXT, let’s cliff note this. Zayn basically is NXT, the heart and soul of the independent side of WWE because he’s as pure a babyface who runs on morals and doesn’t act like a jerk about it (like John Cena). When he broke through and won the NXT Title last December, the first guy to greet him? His best friend, Kevin Owens. Now, Owens and Zayn are pretty much linked at the hip because of their indy pasts in regards to Ladder Wars, the amazing tag team of Kevin Steen & El Generico and more. But in NXT? It’s Owens who is always there to rub it in Zayn’s face that for all of the great things Sami has accomplished — Kevin Owens has been just a bit better.

Owens, on his literal off day headed to NXT Milwaukee to remind Sami Zayn that he’s still around and an integral piece of his redemption story. He played up to their prior history of wanting to close his independent career in Milwaukee because they’re the best fans in the world. He also reminded Zayn that while he was on the shelf with a shoulder injury only aggravated when Owens beat Zayn before Samoa Joe stepped it to prevent all out Canadian Dad Violence, Kevin Owens became the face of NXT. Owens went to the WWE main roster in May and on night one, he beat John Cena clean. He’s main evented Smackdown and just four days ago on Monday, he main evented Monday Night Raw as the hand-picked opponent for Roman Reigns by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Put it like this, Kevin Owens may succeed at many things in the WWE. He’ll always circle it back to rubbing all of it in Sami’s face. So, now that you know that – Owens showing up in Milwaukee to rub his success in Zayn’s face again only resulted in Zayn delivering a Helluva Kick and declaring, “This isn’t Monday Night RAW, this is NXT.”

Beef between these two is eternal, I suppose.