If you know K-Otix, you know its composed of three men, three talking heads who stick to traditional hip-hop the same way your grandmother stuck to soul food at Sunday dinners. The ARE decided to jump around and dabble in production for a wide number of artists from Keyshia Cole, Lil Kim & LL Cool J. Damien Randle decided he needed to throw elbows and hard headed rap tracks with Kashmere Don to form RandleRose. Big Mon and D Randle figured it was good enough to work around The ARE and drop The Black Album. Separated, they remained prolific. Together, they’re crafting the same type of 2016 ready boom bap with soaring horns and ready made anthems.

K-Otix’s Legendary release comes with one hell of a bundle. Purchasing the LP on their website as well as Rappers I Know gifts you not only the LP but a vinyl custom designed by Santos Guerrero that comes in two colors and each color has only 150 pressings, a poster of the album art from Santos Guerrero and a K-Otix Legendary sticker. That should be good enough for a gift in regards to a Universal follow-up, right? Indeed. Stream the entire Legendary album from K-Otix below, 11 tracks that could double as personal gym theme songs or even something that may make you want to punch your boss on the day you quit your job.

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