For the longest of time, every Lee-Lonn track I’ve heard ran in a certain key. The beats varied of course but Lee-Lonn’s voice was always in a certain key, high and boyish. He charmed his way into the world by being the antithesis of far more sexualized contemporaries. But there’s always a story on the interior that’s far more interesting than the exterior. Lee-Lonn’s fought plenty, he’s often turned into a recluse while building a home studio and only appearing when its ultimately necessary. It’s this reclusion that led to the creation of “WildFire”, a track Lee himself was nervous about even releasing.

“I used to have an enormous fear that my new music won’t be accepted,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “So much so that it haunted my nights and halted my progress. I’m putting fear in the grave today!”

“WildFire” as a result sounds like Chris Rockaway’s attempt at a Bond theme with Lee’s vocals lower than they have ever been and his lyrics sticking to a meter that makes you think it’s building towards something greater. Lee-Lonn’s traditional falsetto doesn’t creep out until the very end, so “WildFire” is not just a departure from what was once his idea of normal, it’s a leap in an entirely new direction. One that’s less R&B, less constrained to a certain box and far more open for interpretation. Stream Lee-Lonn’s “WildFire” below.