Ivy Shades, fashion designer and regular Jill of All Trades happens to be one of the few ladies in the world that Pimp C happened to champion as an artist. The Los Angeles born, Houston bred rapper already has an album in the vault plus a 2011 mixtape, The Resolution with Go DJ Hi-C. However, the once overlooked “25” with the late Pimp C is gaining traction again, thanks to the pseudo-resurrection of the Pimp on Decenmber’s Long Live Pimp C.

“25” from Ivy Shades and Pimp C sees Ivy toy around with DJ DMD’s “25 Lighters” flow, making sure everything in her life from the number of men trying to get at her to the number of chicks in her crew who could make men end up broke behind them. Pimp, true to his persona starts off rapping about giving women all kinds of dick in their lives, from their nose to their ears and more. It only gets more bawdy and filthy from there. Stream “25”, a blinking club number from Ivy Shades & Pimp C below.