Bowie - Blackstar

David Bowie’s career and legend is a storied one. The musical visionary and rock pioneer did many things over the course of his life prior to his passing on Sunday. He made Labyrinth a cult classic. He and Iman stuck together like white on rice… or white on Black. Bowie also called out the hypocrisy of the American music industry and media.

In spite of all this, there’s one accolade Bowie never acquired: a Billboard #1 album. As many as seven of Bowie’s releases have charted in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200, but none has ever reached the top spot.

That may finally change this week.

Bowie’s final album, Blackstar, dropped on the artist’s 69th birthday last Friday; but COMPLEX is reporting that the album might become the belated rocker’s first-ever #1 album in the United States. Since Bowie’s death, Blackstar has skyrocketed to #1 on Amazon and iTunes; and the album is predicted to sell as many as 130,000 copies by Thursday, toppling Adele’s 25 LP.

You can do your part to help David Bowie add one last hurrah to his legacy by grabbing Blackstar LP now off iTunes.

Photo credit: Paul Raffaele