V. Bozeman - Something In My Heart

It’s not exactly a comeback, but the re-emergence of V. Bozeman has been a good thing for R&B. For many, their first introduction to the singer was by way of Timothy Bloom’s “Until the End of A Time,” a tender slow jam whose music video went viral and over which V. was in perfect sync with Bloom’s voice.

Bozeman’s appearance on the first season of the hit FOX TV series Empire, however, renewed interest in the singer. Her Timbaland-assisted single “Smile” is making waves, and V.’s much awaited album is on the way. So what is the singer doing in the time between? Going back to the ’90s.

V. Bozeman took to soundcloud earlier this week to drop off a remake of “Something In My Heart,” West Coast songbird Michel’le’s classic single. Grabbing Circa 95 of the UK to recreate the instrumental, including the piano keys and horns, V. Bozeman’s voice floats over the beat, giving it a little more soul than the original. It may be the smoothest track you’ll hear all week.

Get your nostalgia on by streaming V. Bozeman’s “Something In My Heart” remake down below.