Love Dominique - Lost in It_cover

Last Friday, Love Dominique sounded her return to the music by releasing her Lost In It EP. The first of a two-part series, Lost In It bears some of the Houston singer’s most sexually charged music to date. It is sensual, much more direct and far less subtle than any of Dominique’s previous releases. But, for those listeners and R&B fans still not quite sold on what Love Dominique is offering up, then you’re in luck: Love Dominique has put up a free stream of the full project on Spotify.

Propelled forward by lead singles “Beautiful” and “Fool in Love,” Lost In It features production from frequent Love Dominique collaborators Nate Coop and DJ Motivation. Over six tracks and 18 minutes, the singer weaves a tale of a girl being “lost in” either love or lust, and all the emotions that come with that. She falls for something that isn’t good for her on “Bad Guy”; she provides love instructions on “Rock Steady”; and the EP closes, on an open-ended note, with the contemplative “Beautiful.”

Stream Love Dominique’s Lost In It EP for yourself down below. Lost In It is available now on iTunes.