Kay Jay & Z-Ro’s “Hater Maker” track is a testament of rapper’s done good. Kay Jay, for example recently released his Tees, Trees & MP3s mixtape that was produced entirely by Trakksounds. So, most of it not only rides in a large wave of syrupy, laid back production but its main star only need to coast on melody and perseverance to win people over. The tale of “doing good” comes from the fact that both Kay Jay and Z-Ro aren’t fans of the Texas Department of Corrections. Matter of fact, both men have vowed on numerous occasions that the last time they spent behind bars will indeed by the last time. With Kay Jay, “Hater Maker” is seven years in the making.

“’Hater Maker’ is a track that was written 7 years ago in TDC on a steel table with no access to a radio,” Kay Jay said in a press release. “Got the idea for the song imagining how life was going to be for me when i got out and got on my grind. Everything I talked about in the song ended up coming true 3 years later when I got it.”

What “Hater Maker” accomplishes is that its a tried and true ode to those who are in situations that Kay Jay & Z-Ro are no longer in. It’s a tribute to those currently under the thumb of TDC and its an absolute banger. Stream it below.