When it was announced a few months ago that J.Cole‘s Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming show would be aired on HBO, it set a landmark for a hip-hop artist. In the more than 35 year history of the premium cable network, no rapper had ever done a live special for the network, at least not solo. Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Run tour played on HBO summers ago, but just like Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive would become the first album in a quarter century to ring up one million sales without a feature, Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming would have the same effect.

Filmed in Cole’s hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming captures the roar and joy of the crowd on that August night, complete with surprise appearances from Drake & Jay Z. Cole performs his entire 2014 Forest Hills Drive album in full and as a prelude, he teamed with HBO for a four part mini-series documenting the tour, his life and the behind the scenes of it all. Watch the Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming special by J.Cole and HBO below.