For years, A.Dd+ were the toast of Dallas. A yin and yang rap duo who could rap with the kind of drawl and authenticity that made them regal gents in North Dallas and darlings of multiple hip-hop publications across the country. They sold out arenas, made treks all over the country to plant the flag of Dallas hip-hop and ultimately seemed destined for even greater heights. However, much like Sore Losers, the previous kings of Dallas who suffered a rather acrimonious split, A.Dd+ has done the same.

Paris Pershun confirmed the news to Central Track of A.Dd+’s demise late Saturday night after weeks of speculation and scuttlebutt, both persona and professional. There was a reported fight between Pershun and Slim Gravy, more than a few spats on social media and in public and the straw finally broke.

“Shit sucks,” Pershun told Central Track. “It’s not just a motherfucka I rap with that I’m losing. Been knowin’ that bro since I was 13. But fuck ’em. For real.”

Fans flocked to social media to discuss their own sadness about the demise of the group. “I don’t fuck with this,” Blue, The Misfit tweeted. “ADDHoe Forever Dallas Legends.”

He followed in a later response, “I know what it’s like to break up from a duo, shit sucks… You have to hit the reset button and re-establish yourself as an individual.”

Since 2007, A.Dd+ had been cutting their teeth on the Dallas rap scene, ultimately reaching their crowning moment with 2011’s When Pigs Fly, which to this day remains as not only a crowning moment for Dallas hip-hop but also stands tall as arguably the best Dallas rap album in the city’s long history. The duo returned two years later with DiveHiFlyLo and a massive Rocky themed show to celebrate its release. But the fissions started to show late last year. Despite performing together at SXSW, Slim Gravy had already crafted solo aspirations with Scatterbrained with GHETTODSKO.

In a February 2015 interview with the Dallas Observer, Slim noted of how he could still do his solo stuff and still belong to A.Dd+. “I could get a check for Scatterbrained and A.Dd+. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Ultimately Slim packed up and moved to Austin, making it harder to be in A.Dd+ when both members were three hours apart.

The issues became more than public on social media earlier this week as Paris changed his handle to “Ain’t No A.Dd+ Bihh!!” and decried that his partner in rhyme was “a bitch and a liar” in response to Slim feeling that Paris wasn’t supportive of his solo endeavors. Recently, Slim’s been doing solo shows in Austin, crafting more of his Scatterbrained sound while preaching about personal self care and happiness. “A temper tantrum,” Slim told Central Track of Paris’ tweets, offering nothing more than that.

The group’s manager Vince Chapa recently downplayed rumors of an A.Dd+ split, confirming that the duo were still set to release an album in the Spring. Its sound, from what I captured during a mini-listening session in October revealed that the group’s sound had shifted a bit into more of a Bomb Squad like technique with plenty of drum and Slim & Paris going out in rap for real. That, may be a posthumous release now.

Beyond the two albums, the group has released plenty of stellar singles & projects including “All Or Nothing / The Rhyme & The Rhythm”, the NAWF EP, “Can’t Come Down” and the Black Milk produced, “Insomniac Dreaming”.

UPDATE (1/11): Statement from A.Dd+’s manager Vince Chapa:

“We have all seen this movie many times. Groups go through ups and downs. Arguments, fights, even breakups are to be expected when two creative and passionate people create and build something as special as A.Dd+. This isn’t the first time Slim and Paris have “broken up”. Long-lingering personal issues are to blame.

As a company, we still represent A.Dd+ and leave the door open for when wounds are healed. We have an incredible new A.Dd+ project entitled NAWF AMERICA and fully intend on releasing it to their fans very soon.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Mikel Galicia.