The battle of the burger is on as New York-based burger chain, Shake Shack plans to make its debut in Houston later this year. Representatives from the vastly growing company announced earlier this week that Houston will be the company’s third Texas location to welcome the delectable cheeseburgers that garner record waiting times in line at the original location in New York’s Madison Square Park. The cultish chain rivals the burger bosses at In-N-Out, but Houstonians will have the final say as it’s single and double meat patties are compared to the hometown hero Whataburger and local gem Hubcap Grill in the burger beef.



The restaurant will stay true to tapping locally sourced ingredients to perfect their simple burgers. You can expect everything you would find at your typical burger place the menu also features hotdogs, frozen custards, fries, shakes and concretes- a frozen custard blended with mix-ins. The infamous Shackburger served on a potato bun will run you about $5.29 add in crinkle cut fries and a shake and the price tag is around $15. However, Houstonians will have to fight Galleria traffic to wait in line as the new location will be near the new Saks Fifth Avenue once the Galleria completes its expansion. Shake Shack is clearly doing something right as they continue to revolutionize the fast-food industry becoming one of the fastest growing restaurants valued at more than a billion dollars. The burger chain has already stood up to its reputation in Austin as the two locations continue to thrive, Shake Shack has also announced that it will open a Dallas location in 2016.