The first words from Trae Tha Truth’s “All Good” comes out the blustery, charcoal voice of Rick Ross. “I hung chandeliers in the trap boy,” he stomps, mixing a bit of luxury with a bit of grime. Considering the party Trae Tha Truth runs with on “All Good”, its perfect symmetry. Three of the South’s most unmistakable voices, joined together by piano melody, padded out drums and a chorus from Audio Push.

What to gander at “All Good” from all parties involved is how in pocket all three verses are. T.I., still one of rap’s more commanding authors regardless of his physical stature admits on “All Good” that he’s from the real Atlanta, where you don’t have to make a culture, steal one. Trae’s heart at times is the most generous thing on the planet but here’s its “colder than Aspen” for everything that’s ever happened to him. It’s an authoritative rap cut from three men who know how to create lush, yet unforgettable rap cuts. Here’s Trae explaining “All Good” in a recent feature for Noisey:

The concept came from the reality of the struggle where you got a lot of people that count you out, a lot of people that’ll fuck you over, a lot of hoes that fucked you over. Just in general it’s from the standpoint of, regardless of how people done us, it’s all good, we’re still alright, we’re built for that. It’s relatable. It came from our story and our vantage point but it’s relatable to the world, cause everybody feels like that. You’ve had a few people in your life that you thought was solid with you how you’re solid with them, but they really weren’t shit. But rather than cry about it, it’s all good.

You can stream Trae Tha Truth’s “All Good” below. Tha Truth 2 is the second Trae Tha Truth album to arrive in many months, following Tha Truth from last summer. Pre-order the album now before it arrives on February 8th.