Less than a month from now, The Suffers will release their debut album and the world will be a better place for it. After “Better”, the group’s lead single premiered late last year by Noisey made its rounds, The Suffers decided today was a good enough day to premiere “Peanuts”, this time with Billboard.

Wrapped around a rubber bass line and some mellow brass, “Peanuts” from The Suffers is all about moving past a tepid argument in the middle of a relationship. “Just love a little, just hold on to me … ” lead singer Kam Franklin sings on “Peanuts” before getting sentimental and sticky sweet on the second verse. “When I look into the mirror and try to point out what’s wrong / That’s when you walk up and say you love me, all along.”

“For ‘Peanuts,’ the idea was to squash the argument for once, and remember why you got together with that person in the first place,” Franklin told Billboard. “Maybe it was their eyes. Maybe it was the way they made food for you. Who knows? Sometimes, it’s way easier to ignore who was wrong or right and just hang out with the one you love instead. TL;DR: Netflix and Chill.”

The song’s simple message ties into why people are enamored with The Suffers. Their a 10-piece band and at the moment, they’re the most beloved “new” act that Houston has to offer. Stream “Peanuts” from The Suffers below. Their self-titled debut album arrives next month.