If you need your songs tightened up, Sia’s the mechanic for the industry. Her songwriting credits are lengthy and when you’re already a pretty known steroid for pop singers to make their work better, why not call in another superpower to make your own record bigger? “Reaper”, Sia’s latest solo effort gets production and a co-writing credit from none other than Kanye West. A snippet of “Reaper” appeared earlier this week on the net but here’s the full audio to work with. Sia and Kanye aren’t strangers to one another, the two collaborated last year for “Wolves” and seeing that there’s been no word on when the CDQ of that is dropping, this will do.

“Reaper” is about as big a pop record as you can craft in this day and age. Massive chorus, creeping synths and stabs, all of it comes together for Sia to literally turn into the big pop star we all imagine she can be. Stream “Reaper” below. Sia’s This Is Acting arrives on January 29th.