On the first Thursday of 2016, Kendrick Lamar stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as the musical guest. While Fallon and Kendrick’s interview was full of gems in itself (including Kendrick talking about the inspiration behind the ’70s samples on To Pimp A Butterfly and explaining the “old school” method of blowing into SEGA cartridges to get them to work), the biggest thing about Kendrick’s Tonight Show appearance? His debut of “Untitled 2.”

Some of you may remember in 2014, as the last musical guest of The Colbert Report, Kendrick Lamar performed “Untitled” (a track whose lines would find themselves implemented into “These Walls” off TPAB), a flurry of bars and contemplative rhymes with Bilal, Thundercat, and Anna Wise on hand to give it soul.

Bilal and Anna Wise aren’t present for “Untitled 2,” but then, they don’t need to be. Where the first “Untitled” was bluesy, “Untitled 2” begins with a funky bassline and then evolves into something more raw and hard-rocking. Kendrick’s storytelling takes center stage, recalling how working hard never seemed to produce enough, his favorite things, and more.

In the end, much in the way Kendrick ended his infamous “Control” verse with a declaration of himself as “king,” so too does he end “Untitled 2,” with the self-anointed Cornrow Kenny insisting, “You ain’t gotta tell me I’m the one – I know I’m The One!”