University of Houston head coach Tom Herman is as close to Teflon as you can get in the city of Houston. Herman not only let the Cougars to a 13-1 record and a decisive victory over Florida State in the Peach Bowl, he served notice to the rest of the country that he was building a program that may sustain even after he departs.

Herman also added to his coffers yesrerday with the news that former five-star quarterback Kyle Allen was headed to Houston after transferring from Texas A&M. But not without a bit of controversy. 

Sports Radio 610 in Houston initially published a December 13 article that Allen had a meeting with Herman and the UH staff. Once the news broke that Allen was indeed heading to UH, Herman vehemently denied the statements in the original 610 article, saying Allen was not in Houston on that date. 610 offered a note following Herman’s statement with Lopez backing his article and his pedigree as a long time journalist. 

That led to Wednesday’s interview between Lopez, his In The Loop co-host Nick Wright and Herman. For twenty minutes, the three argue back and forth with Herman continually insisting that he and Allen never met in Houston, that he sticks up for the reporters who cover the Cougars locally every day and more. Lopez & Wright both stand firm on the original article, even as the two go back and forth, interrupting one another often. Herman called the two “unprofessional” for constantly interrupting him and that he had a concern with someone not calling him and how the report “made him out to be a liar” in regards to recruits.

Towards the end of the interview, Herman congratulates Lopez on his years of service. Wright asked if Herman wanted to go to lunch sometime.

“Absolutely not,” Herman replied.

You can hear the entire interview here.

Audio courtesy of Houston Media Watch / @sportsmedialm