Remember how we remarked that the WWE injury list was something like a M-A-S-H Unit? Well now it may appear like an full blown disaster. After all the arm injuries to befallen WWE superstars in Randy Orton and Cesaro, it’s now feared that the face of the company, John Cena is said to have a torn rotator cuff and will undergo surgery in Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow. The news comes from PWInsider. If it’s a serious shoulder injury, Cena could be out anywhere from six to nine months and wind up missing WrestleMania. Of course, that means the rumored main event of John Cena vs The Undertaker in Taker’s final match would be scrapped.

Of course, bionic John Cena has found a way to come back early from injuries before. In late 2007, he suffered from a torn pectoral muscle only to return and win the 2008 Royal Rumble. Even though Cena’s Twitter account is about as grim as it can be, there’s some optimism that it’s a small injury and it isn’t as serious. Think that would explain why he went into the Phantom Zone at the end of RAW to close out 2015 as opposed to helping out Roman Reigns. Still, with possibly no Cena, no Rollins and no Orton, it’s going to take a straight up miracle for the WWE to pack 100,000 people into AT&T Stadium. The Rock’s only one man, guys.

At this point, safety concerns for everyone on the roster is of top priority. Put the entire roster in rice until April 2nd, cryogenic time chambers, anything to keep any more names hitting the injury list by the time Mania rolls around. Then again, they could just fill the ring with all that new talent they just got from New Japan…