And all good things come to an end.

We’ve gone through episode one, episode two and the Rihanna cameo’d episode three of J.Cole’s Road To Homecoming web series. Now we’re at the penultimate episode before the airing of the concert on Saturday on HBO and most of it details not only the set design from Act III of the 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour but the build up to the final night of the tour — where he’s back in Fayetteville, North Carolina and brings out all the big names and guests.

There are more glimpses of work behind the scenes as acts from Cole’s Dreamville label are getting new production, filtering through tracks of their own while Cole weaves his head in and gives his approval. Even the Madison Square Garden show, the sold out show that told even Cole’s biggest skeptics that he had arrived gets a few moments of time in this Road To Homecoming episode. The entire purpose of Road To Homecoming wasn’t just to showcase a rapper in his element but also the minor details that goes into pulling not just a tour off but running an entire operation. Butting heads, multiple opinions, all of it is one melting pot of creativity. For those who are Dreamville supporters, the Road To Homecoming documentary is nothing but inspiration. For those of us who can appreciate a good documentary, its a glimpse into the world of someone who was hoping and praying somebody would hear his mixtape back in 2008. Now eight years later, he’s having a show aired on HBO.

Watch the finale of Road To Homecoming below and catch up with the previous episodes as well.