Pick and choose. That’s the motto Zipsquad lives by. Months after paying tribute to Southern rap deity Pimp C and raising their fists as a self-professed “Nation of Domination” , the East Coast squadron return with “Cool Breeze” from their upcoming Black Superhero Music disc. Rapping with the mindstate of itemizing a ton of things for a ’90s style rap caper, the squad pits themselves up against time, the police and a litany of other factors that could derail the entire mission. Hear the soul sampled, blaxploitated “Cool Breeze” from Zipsquad below.

The East Coast group was originally said to be finished with Black Superhero Music as much as a year ago but differences almost forced the project to start back over from scratch. Zipsquad is looking for a March release date for the album with a slew of videos and content to promote it.